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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Good design is good business which is so true that it has benefited many businesses to attract consumers. Design of a website plays a part in go or no-go decision for a consumer on purchasing the product (or service). The Design is not only about looks, but also about how well it functions. Web designing is a creative field and requires a lot of effort and tactics to make a website alluring. Whether you are building a blueprint of your website or re-structuring your existing design, below points might help you in that process.

Purpose: Everyone on this Earth has a purpose to live and similar to that is a website's purpose. There is a fault in website's design if it cannot meet its intended purpose. A well-designed website should serve its users with necessary information in most meaningful manner.

Clarity in Communication: A website should maintain clarity in communicating information about your business. It is very essential that your website provides information about your business crisply, clearly and as fast as possible. Using headlines, sub-headlines, bullet-in points can help you in doing that.

Fonts: A good font for a website can improve your design credibility. It should not be selected on basis of what attracts you, but on the fact that it is simple and clear such that all users can easily understand it. The actual content on your website should be in a simple font, ideal font size of which would be 16px.

Colors: Colors hold an important part in the appearance of website. A typical selection of color palette should remain contrast with the text and background. An attractive website should differentiate various parts of the website by using vibrant colors for header, sub-headers, buttons, navigation's links.

Images or icons: Images are an integral part of website and icons as it adds a rich look to it. So wherever essential, high definition images and icons may enhance communicating your vision to your consumers. Also, don't forget to add videos required for your business.

Navigation of pages: More often there will be multiple pages for any business website. It might be starting from describing a product till purchasing it or even about various categories in your portfolio of products. Navigation through pages should be fluid which can be achieved by using page hierarchy, breadcrumbs, navigation panels, links or buttons.

Grid Based Layout: Material design or bootstrap designing of websites has been evolved which allows Web designers to build a website irrespective of the screen display size. Basically, it is a grid based layout which places all your web elements in an organized manner such that your website looks fresh in all the screen sizes.

"F" pattern design: Studies about the reading pattern of people on computer screen have revealed that we like to read from left to right and from top to bottom. So rather than being too complicated for a user to read, it is mutually beneficial in designing a website that focuses on where most of the user's concentration is.

Response time: For an effectively designed website, efficiency does matter. A user when visits any website will never appreciate waiting for the website to load. They want instant responses and perhaps the load time for any well-designed website should be minimal.

Mobile Friendly: The last but most important factor is designing mobile-friendly website. Since 85% of the internet surfers are mobile, it is essential that your business website is mobile-friendly. Latest update from Google pressurizes that, if websites are mobile-friendly, then they will be ranked better when compared to non-mobile-friendly websites.

Empireweb Solutions is a budding web designing Outfit in Abuja,Nigeria. We are dedicated and resourceful in building your website from scratch or re-designing your conventional website into a brand new one.
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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Attracting a customer through your website is quite tough and can bring out a lot of difference in your sales. In today's trend, people surf their internet for every basic need. Having a good online visibility can help a person to reach to you easily. Besides the attractive designs, many other elements are important to build a good website. The world of internet is growing by each passing day hence; it's increasing your competition. It is very important to stay updated according to the changing market trends to generate more revenue. Building a user-friendly website is a key to success. Everyone wants to explore a website that is catchy and engaging. You can also build a great website by adding some simple elements to it. This will not only engage the customers but also helps you to get some potential clients.

Here are some of the important tips that can make your website more engaging for a customer.

Powerful Homepage - The homepage of your website is the first thing that a person views. It is very important to have an impactful homepage that gives a strong description of your products and services. Having too many contents and unnecessary images can divert your potential customers that can create a loss for you. It is recommended to have a decent and a powerful homepage that displays a simple message.
Website Organization - Having an organized website that provides enough information to the customers can be beneficial for your business. People will love to explore your website if they are getting good details and information about the product. You can attract more customers by providing them the complete details about your products and services.
Good Content - Having a good content is very important. Always remember that the content of your website must be engaging and does not contain any unnecessary stuff. An informative content always encourages a person to explore your website and can help you to get some potential customers.
Website Speed - It is important for your website to have a quick loading time. A person gets irritated if he sees a loading error for a long time. This can discourage their visit and can benefit your competitors. Always ensure to build a website that is easy to load, this helps you to engage and gain more customers.
These elements are very important to build a good website. Reaching a customer attention is not an easy task but if you have a good website then it can be the easiest way to gain new customers. A website should contain an engaging content and must be user-friendly. By following these points, you are able to build a good website that increases your sales.Do you desire a responsive website?
Call 07038331556 Empireweb Solution - a promising Website Development Outfit in Abuja provides cost effective services like SEO Services, web development, web hosting,Content management,Content writing web design training services.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The utilization of modern information technology in the delivery of healthcare is to enhance the availability and reliability of improved healthcare services to patients at a reduced cost. Empireweb Solution can develop and implement a web-based electronic medical record system to improve the delivery of healthcare system in your health centre.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

It's no secret that social networks have a great impact on modern society. Whatever the field of activity we may not interested; however we are constantly confronted with the need to use web services. That is why, every company and organisation should carry out a competent job in social networks, and a key success factor in this case is the deliberate and timely filling of the site to date information. This has long been an oracle for the successful existence in business and for direct access to a variety of news sources in everyday life. But, it should be noted that social networks are not too different from that of classic marketing or traditional ways of communication.

Monday, 28 August 2017

With our business process Automation,we provide technical solutions to simplify your core business processes and make it more effective and less stressfull.


(SRaAMS) was designed using PHP/MSQL alongside JOOMLA technology for easy and fast page loads due to perfectly optimized images. This portal is hosted on our servers whose uptime is 99.9% guaranteed.

- Student Result and Archive Management System turns your manual means of results output to digital over an online hosting platform.
- Archives your school results from the very date you start using it.
- Automatically computes cumulative scores and grades according to figures being keyed in.
- Helps you to call-up a particular student’s result at any point in time.
- Student can still view result several years after graduation.
- Rates your school higher than your competitors.
- Reduces the rate of human errors. E.g. Mis-calculation of cumulative scores.
- Automatically awards remarks to student based on grades.

We also have the following management programmes tailored to suit your type of business operations

Hotel management system

Bus Booking System

Electronic Medical Records

Real Estate management System

Property Listing System

Request a proposal for any form of business Automation programes

We work with all classes of clients to suit their budgets and still give them a smile ”